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Our Packages

Best Insurance Deal 'BIMAJITO'


Tk.100000 For Tk. 30 per Month


Tk.200000 For Tk. 60 per Month


Tk.300000 For Tk. 90 per Month


Tk.400000 For Tk. 120 per Month


Tk.500000 For Tk. 150 per Month


Tk.1000000 For Tk. 300 per Month

How to Buy a Bima

Step-1: Register or Login

- Simply Click Buy Now and Register or Login.

Step-2: Select Your Bima Package & Provider

- After Login, Click New Bima & Fill up your Personal Information, Your Nominee Information then Select Bima Information.

Step-3: Submit your Information

- Submit your Request.

Step-4: Make Payment

- You have successfully add a new bima.
- You will get an Insurance Number.
- After the completion of the process you will get a sms, which you should preserve.


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